8 New Exciting Windows 10 Features!

Windows 10 has remained Windows 10. It has got some big updates in the past few months. Updates that have brought some really interesting features. Now some of these features are popular while some aren’t. Today we are gonna talk about some really cool and some hidden Windows 10 features that you guys probably don’t know about.

Ever since Microsoft separated the search and the Cortana feature in Windows 10, the search has become a lot more seamless and useful. However, if you still find it tough to find some of the hidden files, there’s an enhanced search feature you should enable.

1. Enhanced Search

In the search settings, you can see the two options to find files right in the classic mode that searches through files on your desktop and in your libraries. While the new enhanced mode lets you search all the files on your device no matter where they are, this should make sure that you’ll be able to search for files that you have been facing trouble locating. In my search, the search does show more results so yeah it’s a nice and new extensive feature on Windows 10.

2. Make Calls From PC

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is great as it lets you access your photos, your texts, your notifications and a lot more from your phone on your PC. But the most interesting feature has to be the ability to make phone calls. Yes, you can make phone calls from your PC. First of all, you obviously need to link your phone with the PC for the Your Phone app and pair them via Bluetooth for the calls feature to enable. Now once you do all of that you’ll see the recent calls you made and the dialer in the Your Phone app on your PC. Now it’s pretty simple as not only you can make calls or receive calls from your PC but you can even transfer calls between the phone and PC.

3. Disable Reserved Storage

So with the May 2019 update, Windows 10 started reserving around 7 GBs of storage for updates and other optional files. In storage settings, just click on show more categories and here you will see the system and reserved nowhere you can see the reserved storage is around 7 GB now that’s a lot of storage for people who are running low on storage. When you don’t want windows reserved the storage there’s a registry trick you can do, just open the registry editor using this key “REGEDIT” in the search. Now in the registry editor just paste this in the address.


So here you can see the shipped with reserves option, just double click on it and change value data from 1 to 0 and click OK. Now close the registry editor and reboot windows now do note if the reserve storage won’t be deleted immediately the next time you update Windows and a minor Windows Update will do the reserved storage will be removed anyway also note that Microsoft does not really recommend this but we were fine without reserve storage previously so I guess it’s fine.

4. FPS in Game Bar

The game bar in Windows 10 started off as a simple tool to record the screen, take screenshots or maybe Livestream but now it has become a tool that has so many features. It lets you stream games, check the performance on your PC while gaming, plays music from Spotify, share screenshots on different platforms and do a whole lot more things. It is backed up but there’s a new feature. Now that you are going to love FPS support. All you need to do is to update the game bar app on the Windows Store and you will get this FPS option in the performance dialog.

5. Custom Theme

The new light theme on windows 10 with the whole fluid and UI design language is just beautiful. I mean it just makes windows look more modern which is something I thought wouldn’t be possible. Now the light theme is great but there’s also the dark theme, which a lot of people love. So what if you want the best of both world’s light and dark. Well, there’s a way in the colours page in the personalization settings, you can choose your colour as a custom. Now you can choose the light theme for different UI elements on windows and dark theme for the apps or you know to do the vice-versa. Yes, you have the choice and in fact, it looks cool too so try it out.

6. Window Snip

The native Windows 10 screenshot tool has been pretty handy but there’s one feature that it has been missing the ability to capture screenshots of a particular window. Well, in a recent update to Windows 10 has brought Window Snip in which you can just press Windows + Shift + S or Print Screen key if you have that option enabled. Now unlike previously, you can see four tools in screenshot bar. But there’s a new Window Snip tool where you select it and use it to take screenshots of windows. It is simple and handy and I am sure this will be helpful for us because cropping screenshots for articles is a lot of work.

7. Events in Calendar

So you probably access the calendar from the taskbar to check dates but there’s a really cool new feature that lets you add an event or reminder from the taskbar itself. So you can just click on a date and quickly add what’s the event or what you want to be reminded about there at the time and even at the location and that’s it. Save and the event or the remainder will be synced with the calendar app as well so you will be notified. Well, this certainly makes adding events or reminders pretty easy.

8. Automatic Focus Assist

Focus Assist on Windows 10 is a pretty handy feature which you can use it to make sure different notifications don’t annoy you while you’re focused on working. Well, Windows 10 recently brought about automatic focus assist which makes things a lot better. So you can see automatic rules in Focus Assist. You can use these to make sure focus assist turns on during certain situations you can enable focus assist when you’re duplicating a display, playing a game or when you’re using an app in full screen. When Windows will detect any of these conditions, it will turn on focus assist. You can even customize things to make sure you get priority notifications.

So those were some cool new Windows 10 features that you should try or disable in the case of reserved storage. Anyway, a lot of these new features are available in different Windows 10 bills so here’s the build number with which these features have arrived so that you can have a better idea of what feature you have or you don’t have.

Enhanced Search1903
Make Calls From PC1903
Reserved Storage1903
FPS in Game Bar1909
Custom Theme1903
Window Snip1909
Events in Calendar1909
Automatic Focus Assist1902

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