F.R.I.E.N.D.S Is Leaving Netflix In 2020, So Fans Are Threatening To Leave Netflix

While we were all upset after finding out that we’ll have to bid adieu to our favorite gang and beloved coffee shop, the realization of losing the gang has hit fans like a truck.

So now that the entire gang is about to leave us, the fans are enraged and threatening Netflix they’ll cancel their account subscription if the streaming site removes the show.


You don’t believe us? See it for yourself. 

Even though the show is still available on Comedy Central, not getting to binge-watch every episode of the show for the 100th time is going to be heartbreaking. 

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Aishwarya Patel

Aishwarya Patel

When not expelling tech wisdom, Aishwarya feeds on good stories that strike on all those emotional chords. She loves books, a good laugh, and interesting people. She binges on movies, sitcoms, food, books, and memes.

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