How to Get the Official Dark Mode on WhatsApp

While the dark mode mania has come and gone, there’s one app that has not yet embraced the dark side. Yes, I’m talking about WhatsApp and its long, intense phase of beta testing. However, that is going to change soon because the official dark mode on WhatsApp is already up and working correctly. We all know this because of Redditor who discovered the hidden flag recently in WhatsApp. The significant part is that the official dark mode has created its way to the stable release and not some beta or modified build, which implies the official rollout is close at hand. However, it’s not here yet. If you’re somebody who cannot wait for the official release anymore, I’m going to show you ways to get the dark mode on WhatsApp right now.

[UPDATE] WhatsApp Dark Mode Now Available on Android and iOS Officially

Note: Keep in mind, you will need root permission to make the required changes.

Official Dark Mode On WhatsApp

As I mentioned above, you’ll need root access to modify certain flags in the WhatsApp’s app package. In case, you have no idea about rooting, you can through our tutorial and root your device. Also, we did our testing on the Redmi Note 5 Pro running the latest Pixel Experience stable build with Android 9.0 of WhatsApp (2.19.352 and 2.19.358) and it worked flawlessly. So, let’s begin with the steps.

1. Open any File Manager on your rooted Android device that supports root partition access. I would recommend you to go with Solid Explorer (Free, in-app purchases) as it’s one of the best file managers available on Android.

2. Next, open the root partition and navigate to the below path. Once there, open the “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml” file.


3. Now, add the below line in the XML file. For example, I have added the line at the end of the XML file, but inside the <map> tag. After that, tap on the “Save” button.

<boolean name="dark_mode" value="true" />

4. Now that you have made some necessary changes, force stop WhatsApp and open it again. Next, open WhatsApp Settings and you will finally see the “Theme” option. Tap on it and select the “Dark” option. Voila, there you have it! Official Dark mode on WhatsApp working without a hitch.

5. Here are some glimpses of WhatsApp in dark mode. Official Dark Mode on WhatsApp (Click to enlarge)

6. If WhatsApp is reverting to light mode after every app restart then change the theme of your Android device too dark mode permanently. Apart from that, if your device has an option to lock background apps, enable that option for WhatsApp. It will remain active in the background even after closing all the apps.

Battery Saver Option

The light and dark theme settings are self-explanatory and will incorporate the light and dark versions of the app. Elaborating on the ‘Set by Battery Saver’ option, WhatsApp can automatically enable/disable the Dark Theme based on your Android device’s Battery Saver settings. This essentially means that the app would sense the phone’s battery saver settings and consequently turn the app darker when your phone’s battery drops below a certain percentage.

However, there is a catch to this update. This Set by Battery Saver option is only available to users having Android 9 and lower versions on their phone. The option is will also available for Android 10 version users and instead, it would remain as the system default option on the phones running on the latest Android OS. This means that if your Android 10-powered phone is working in dark theme, WhatsApp will be run on your phone in the dark mode automatically without manually changing it. There would also be a light and dark call screen according to the users’ light, dark settings for the app. The update will naturally release only when WhatsApp releases the Dark Mode feature.

Finally! Rejoice the Official Dark Mode on WhatsApp

So that was our short guide on how to enable the native dark theme on WhatsApp. In our testing, the official dark mode seemed pretty cohesive and the colours were not inverted in texts, stickers .or emojis in the chat window, unlike what we saw with Android 10’s force dark mode. So, if you have already rooted your device, go ahead and follow the steps to get dark mode on WhatsApp right now. And for users who are still on the fence, you need to wait for WhatsApp’s official rollout. Anyway, that is all from us. If you were able to enable dark mode on your device, do comment down below and let us know your experience.

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