Xiaomi Launches Mi Rabbit Children Watch 2S in China

Xiaomi is growing its ecosystem of products in China and has today launched another smartwatch in the country, albeit for children this time around. The Mi Rabbit Children Watch 2S is a CNY1,999 smartwatch that comes with a 1.13-inch color display with a resolution of 230×230 pixels.

The design looks appealing for sure, and one can definitely draw parallels between the design of the Watch and the recently launched Mi Watch in terms of the display and bezels on the watch.

Mi Rabbit Children Watch 2S

The watch is aimed at kids and comes with a feature-set that’s very specifically designed for that use-case. The watch has a built-in AI assistant called XiaoAI Classmate which, the company claims, can answer various questions, and supports ‘Encyclopedic reply’ to help students with their studies. The assistant can also help with general tasks such as music playback.

Mi Rabbit Children Watch 2S

Apart from that, the watch has a feature that allows only SOS messages to come through, and lets kids check the time, locking down other functionality to ensure kids don’t tinker with the watch while they are in class.

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Also, for parents’ peace of mind, the watch comes with AI real-time positioning which can show the accurate location of the user, even inside of closed places such as malls. That definitely sounds like a useful feature for a kids’ smartwatch.

The Mi Rabbit Children Watch 2S is priced at CNY1,999 (~Rs. 2,000) and is already available to buy in China. However, there’s almost no chance the company will launch this watch in the global market, so if you’re thinking of waiting for this, don’t hold your breath.

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